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“The work we have done with i2i has been the single best thing we have ever done for our people.”

Steve Byrne

Managing Director, Travel Counsellors

What We Found:

A fast growing company in the leisure sector, privately owned, competing with blue chip, high street brands in a price sensitive sector. This project started in 1998 and is ongoing today.


Over 14 years, there have been many interventions with this client, for example:

  • Establishment in 2003 of an in-house TV channel – Over 50 appearances on that channel
  • Coaching and mentoring with the executive team – Establishment of Vision, Mission and Values
  • Psychometric assessment for recruitment
  • Strategic sales training for all sales personnel
  • Customer service consultancy and training
  • Detailed leadership development for management – Over 50 appearances at global conferences
  • Over 250 days of work with individual teams

Notable Outcomes:

In 2000, 2001 and 2002 Travel Counsellors featured on the Virgin list of 100 fastest growing companies.

In 2003 Travel Counsellors won the Queen’s Award for Innovation. Each year since 1999, they have recorded record profits and sales, and won at least three industry travel awards. Travel Counsellors now employs approximately 1500 people in North America, UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, South Africa, Australia and Dubai.

In 2011, it was voted by Bain and Co as the world’s number one customer service business of all time.


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