The Psychology of Performance

At i2i, we work alongside our clients to help them stay ahead of the competition and enable their people to strive towards and achieve exceptional levels of performance for themselves and the organisations they represent.

In our experience, sport and business provide valuable lessons for one another. The many parallels between the two environments include decision making under pressure, effective recruitment and team dynamics, fierce competition, searching for that 1% over an opponent and the bottom line, performance.

Pick up any autobiography of a sporting champion and there is a high probability that the author discusses performance psychology, either directly or indirectly. Given the obvious parallels between business and sport, the mental attributes of performance must be worked on in both environments.

By committing to develop the psychology of personal and organisational best, you and your people can find the ‘marginal gains’ to keep you ahead of the market and your competition.


Consistent performance under pressure


Increased financial returns


Reduced staff turnover


Development of a high performance culture


Fully engaged and motivated workforce

i2i have worked with some of the world’s biggest businesses and sporting names to help them maximise their potential. We draw on this vast experience to create unique events and experiences for you and your people on what it takes to achieve peak performance.

i2i provide multiple solutions around the psychology of performance.

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