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“Working with i2i is a unique experience. They are the antidote to all other team building ‘consultant’ experiences that you might have had. Their balance of humour, irreverence and unique insight into what make us tick as individuals and as groups is powerful stuff.

They unlock the potential within teams, giving them the freedom to work together with a common goal and vision. With their support anything seems possible and the team invincible. Armed with a clear understanding of each other’s styles and thinking, you can deal with the people and things that get in the way, and every day becomes part of a journey towards delivering your result.”

John Forrest

Chief Operating Officer, Premier Inn – Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants

What We Found:

In 2010, i2i came across a company that was performing ‘steadily’ due to a combination of clever marketing, intelligent management and appealing pricing structures. Despite this, we found low levels of employee morale, high employee turnover and people with little concept of how culture, behaviours and values can drive a business forward.


During 2010, i2i delivered a series of workshops to 45 Regional Managers from Whitbread’s ‘Premier Inn’ and ‘Table Table’ brands. These workshops were based on over eighteen years of research by the i2i team. They provided managers with models of human behaviour and organisational excellence, and both personal and group strategies for psychological success.

The key messages from the workshops were then cascaded through the organisation by the Regional Mangers and via a series of keynote speeches from the i2i team. Having introduced the client to the process of psychometric assessments, i2i also advised Premier Inn on a number of key recruitment decisions.

Notable Outcomes:

Having established the values of attitude, consistency, team-work and service, Premier Inn and Table Table enjoyed unrivalled success in 2010. At Whitbread’s conference in May 2010, Table Table claimed the following awards:

  • Business of the Year
  • Team Member of the Year
  • Kitchen of the Year
  • Front of House Team of the Year
  • Outstanding Contribution Award

In summer 2010, Premier Inn were officially rated ‘Highly Recommended’ by customers. Sales were up 6% on a like for like basis and the division were £1.1 million ahead of budget after only 11 weeks. In September 2010, they were presented with the ‘No Limits’ award by Whitbread’s CEO for Premier Inn’s performance over the previous six months.


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