Fully engage your people

i2i have spent many years helping owner-managers and SME directors learn how to fully engage their people to deliver.

i2i understands that in most SMEs, the controlling stakeholders are active participants in the day to day running of the business. This presents you, as leaders of the business, with a unique opportunity. We have spent many years helping owner-managers and directors of SMEs learn how to fully engage their people to deliver outstanding performance.

There are two main differences between our SME and corporate programmes. Firstly, with our SME clients, we are highly likely to work with a far greater percentage of your people and often work with every single individual. When working with the entire team, the pace of change we achieve can be staggering.

The second difference we notice with SMEs, is that we are far more likely to work on all five stages of the i2i Success Blueprint.

One of the major advantages you have as an SME over your larger corporate competitors, is the ability to change quickly to match your customers fluctuating business demands. Our solutions equip your people with the necessary skills to adapt and thrive on that change.

Our solutions for SMEs can be adapted for teams at all levels of the business to help them understand the challenge of change, the importance of their personal contribution and the importance of understanding the big picture.


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