Public Sector

Challenging Environments

The need for senior executives and their teams to be engaged, motivated, innovative and dynamic has never been greater and yet the environment in which this is to be accomplished had never been more challenging.

The i2i Team have been working in the public sector since 1998, with the NHS, Police Constabularies, Fire Services, local authorities and health & education bodies, to produce outstanding results. Working with leaders and front line service deliverers, the i2i team have deployed a series of interventions including Leadership Development, Personal Coaching, Cultural Change Workshops, Conference Keynote Addresses and Recruitment & Selection.

Systems and processes are a huge obstacle to radical change in our public sector services and we need to consider two factors here, firstly that change therefore needs to start from the very top of our public sector services and secondly that all processes are designed and delivered by people.

Disengaged and demotivated people endure mediocre systems. Engaged, enthused and motivated people innovate around such systems, improve them, replace them and develop them. The i2i team understand how to leverage the power of inspiration and engagement, to show both leaders and their teams how to create and sustain radical positive change, for the benefit of all stakeholders.


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