Graduate Development

Bespoke Training Solutions – Professional and Personal Development

i2i provide bespoke training solutions, designed specifically for your Graduate Programmes. The i2i material equips young professionals with the personal, motivational and psychological skills to cope and perform effectively during a challenging and potentially defining period of their lives.

When entering global and diverse organisations, it is essential that your graduates establish these skills alongside the development of their professional and business competencies in order to grow into leaders of the future.

i2i enable graduates to enhance their professional and personal development, increase their self-awareness and develop the psychological characteristics needed to perform at the forefront of their chosen industry for years to come.

In both business and elite sport, the i2i team have seen numerous examples of ‘performance’ suffering as a result of personal issues away from the work place.

The i2i material provides young people with proactive tools and techniques to deal with issues surrounding relationships, work-life balance and health.

By developing a real sense of purpose and direction, and an awareness of their own personal values, our approach helps to create not only ambitious and intelligent business people, but also well-rounded, respected individuals who are fantastic ambassadors for your organisation.


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