Pay It Forward

I’ve got something to tell you about that I think you’re going to love. It’s such good fun and you’ll want to do it again and again. It’s called Pay It Forward. A random act of kindness that helps someone else. You pay a favour forward rather than returning it.

Imagine going to pay for something and finding out that it’s already been taken care of. How good do you feel? You think of how kind that person was and how you could repay them. It’s such a good feeling – isn’t it? Well instead of repaying, you pay it forward and change another person’s day.

Here’s the scene, you’re approaching a toll booth on a busy road and you’re scrabbling around for a bit of change to pay. However, you’re told by the lady in the booth that it’s been covered by the car in front! They’ve paid for themselves and for you, helping your day move a little easier.

Why would anyone ever do this?

Here’s why…

It’s not about me, it’s about you. Giving makes us feel great. As you know, when you feel great, everything seems to click. It’s effortless. The outcomes are superb and your performance or results are the best they could possibly be.

If you’ve been on the i2i flagship programme, you’ll know why this happens. If you’ve not been on the i2i programme, then get in touch, you’ll understand so much about why feeling great makes us great.

Doing something nice for someone else, benefits everyone. You feel great as you know you’ll have changed their day and they’ll feel great as their day has been changed.

How often does this happen? Have you ever been on the receiving end of a ‘Pay It Forward’ gesture?

If not, then give. This is your chance to start the ball rolling. You change someone’s day. Do something today that would inspire, encourage and put a spring in a strangers step. I believe it works best when you don’t know the person and they don’t know you. The perfect act of random kindness.

There are so many ways you can ‘Pay It Forward’ – have a look at Captain Manchester on Twitter, this is just one of the many ways he has paid it forward.

Do something kind for someone you don’t know and watch the world change, little by little, as we know the small things add up. Pay it forward and change the world.

i2i Team - i2i Founder - Michael Finnigan
About The Author – Michael Finnigan

Michael Finnigan works with the world’s most famous businesses, helping them to understand how to unleash the power lying dormant within their people. Michael consults with corporate, public sector and sporting clients all over the world to lead and deliver positive change.

Michael’s work within elite sport includes clients in Premier League football, international cricket. He worked closely with Darren Clarke ahead of his victory at the Open Championship.


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