Learn From Geese

I was sat at the weekend looking up into the sky when I saw a flock of geese cruise overhead. It reminded me of something I used to talk about in some of my keynote speeches a few years back. I told a few of the team at i2i HQ who hadn't heard of the 7 principles we...

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Look After Your Bread And Butter

'Look after your bread and butter' was one of my stock phrases when I held development reviews with my people, and quite often I used it in staff or senior team meetings just to remind everyone about who or what we are. Clive Gilson and colleagues in their book Peak...

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Shoot Magazine

Every month I write a regular column for Shoot Magazine, the magazine I used to read as a football-mad youngster growing up. These articles usually focus on a current issue within the game and are often related to a specific player or forthcoming event. Since January,...

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