Five Gold Things

Back in January, the i2i Newsletter talked about the right attitude for 2011. We had 1 year ahead, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes which is simply 31,536,000 seconds! Plenty of time hey? Plenty of time to achieve that dream, plenty of time to change the direction...

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Winning Clients

Over the past few months, the i2i team have been all over the world working with some amazing clients. Our work contributes to the fantastic effort that these companies, teams or individuals have put in to becoming the absolute best. I'd just like to highlight few...

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Happy Birthday Sir Ernest Shackleton

This week, Sir Ernest Shackleton would have celebrated his 138th birthday. Happy birthday Sir Ernest! I'm sure you're very familiar with Sir Ernest's adventure to the Antarctic. He was a very special leader. He inspired twenty eight men on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic...

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