January Transfer Window

As we welcome in each New Year, football clubs across the UK are scrambling to sign the best available talent. Sky Sports News coverage goes into overdrive and, now he is back in management, we will once again be treated to interviews with Harry Redknapp from the...

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As it starts to get colder around the UK and we head towards Christmas, it always make me think of the journey that Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men went on with The Endurance. Maybe the clue was in the ship's name - The Endurance. After all, Sir Ernest said...

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All You Need Is Love

This week I've been working in Paris, the city of love. I love being there and you can feel the love when you stop for a coffee and take in the pace of this great European city. When I'm in France, I often think of Émile Coué and his work on self improvement. His work...

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