Lee Merrien – My Olympic Experience

Lee is now in Kenya, training for the forthcoming season. Here, we look back at his Olympic experience Where to start well first of all it seems apt to mention that one of the reasons that I started my blog up was so that people could follow me in my pursuit of one...

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Pep’s Decision

Pep Guardiola’s decision to choose the traditional and history of Bayern Munich over Roman Abramovich’s cash-rich Chelsea has caused surprise in some quarters. Even though English supporters now have to wait a little longer to see Guardiola work his magic in the...

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Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

On Monday, President Barack Obama was sworn into office for a second term and on Friday across the UK, it's the release of the film 'Lincoln'. So, with Presidents in mind, I'd like to look at one of my favourite lines from American history and the words of the very...

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