Success – The Ultimate Question

WOW! What a few weeks we've had at i2i HQ. Meeting fantastic people, changing lives for the better, talking to newspapers, radio stations and TV shows, it's been AWESOME! How have you been? Busy, on target and keeping your dreams alive? I hope so. I've been doing...

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Leadership and Seven Seconds

Leadership and the qualities that ‘make’ a great leader are regularly discussed and examined, with the search to identify and teach the key components to others becoming a lucrative industry in itself. It works for us here at i2i, and we have many clients who will...

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The Masters 2013

The biting east winds and sub zero temperatures over the last few weeks have had weather forecasters in a tizz and gardeners anxiously waiting for spring to literally bloom. It may be winter outside but spring arrives for me with the coverage of the Masters from...

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