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If you have been on one of the flagship i2i three day courses, you’ll know about the great W. Clement Stone.

W. Clement Stone believed in ‘mental vitamins’ daily. These were positive ‘things’ such as stories, films, books, poems, basically anything that will help you achieve what you were after. Great stories of success, positivity that encourages results and thought provoking words that meant you were going to accomplish your dream.

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If you’ve ever seen i2i CEO Michael Finnigan speak, you’ll know that he has the most fantastic stories to hear about. Have you watched his TEDx speech?

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i2i Team - i2i Founder - Michael Finnigan
About The Author – Michael Finnigan

Michael Finnigan works with the world’s most famous businesses, helping them to understand how to unleash the power lying dormant within their people. Michael consults with corporate, public sector and sporting clients all over the world to lead and deliver positive change.

Michael’s work within elite sport includes clients in Premier League football, international cricket. He worked closely with Darren Clarke ahead of his victory at the Open Championship.


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