As it starts to get colder around the UK and we head towards Christmas, it always make me think of the journey that Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men went on with The Endurance.

Maybe the clue was in the ship’s name – The Endurance. After all, Sir Ernest said “Difficulties are just things to overcome.”

I’ve got a quick thought on when it comes to ‘defrosting’ and those extra minutes that we need in the morning to get ourselves ready throughout winter. I think these are great ‘self’ moments. This is where we can get ourselves fired up for the day ahead.

Think about how great your day is going to be and how you can make the most of it. Once you get going with this, you’ll be on fire! Now that’s defrosting!

To think about how great your day will be, you can try 3 top tips for this.

Here are 3 top tips to defrosting your thoughts in the morning:

1) Picture the event.

Play it through, your mind, whatever it is you want to happen, think about it and see it play out. Make the result you want to happen come true in your thoughts. This is exactly what we discuss with our Elite Sport guys. You have to see the event, you have to make yourself so familiar with the result, that it just occurs.

2) Watch your language.

As you’ll be on your own when defrosting your car outside (probably!) then you’ve got time to talk to yourself. When you’re picturing the event above, make sure that it’s backed up with words, phrases and conversations that are full of positive messages. You make it come true with the words you say. Choose those words wisely.

3) Belief.

When your car is ready to go, all the ice has melted and the open road is ahead of you, this is the moment you cement things to come true. You know you can, everyone else knows you can, it’s now about doing it. When you believe something is going to happen with all your heart, how powerful is that belief? Only you know how powerful it can be, but I bet it’s the most powerful force on the planet. Nothing stops you.

I want you to get into the habit of this pattern of thinking as we head into 2013 because New Year Resolutions become true if you use this technique to achieving your dreams.

I’m sure you’re going to start looking forward to defrosting your car from now on. Once you start to understand the power of these actions, you’ll notice how life starts to become everything you want. Defrost the difficulties, enjoy the endurance and reap the rewards.

Have a great Christmas and make 2013 everything you want it to be.

i2i Team - i2i Founder - Michael Finnigan
About The Author – Michael Finnigan

Michael Finnigan works with the world’s most famous businesses, helping them to understand how to unleash the power lying dormant within their people. Michael consults with corporate, public sector and sporting clients all over the world to lead and deliver positive change.

Michael’s work within elite sport includes clients in Premier League football, international cricket. He worked closely with Darren Clarke ahead of his victory at the Open Championship.


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