With spring in the air, I’m beginning to see more daffodils popping up and brightening our day. It reminds me of something that I read a while back that I’d like to quickly share with you.

Why do you think people achieve great things? How did they do it?

The answer is simple, they started. They took action and began heading in the direction of their dream. They knew what it was they wanted and set off in achieving it.

Have you ever heard of The Daffodil Principle by Jaroldeen Edwards. The internet has many pages dedicated to this great story. I’d like to share with you some points that this colourful flower brings to mind.

Want to learn how to get things done?

There are three numbers that jump out at me in this story, and they are 1, 1958, and 50000.

The most important of these being the single digit of 1. This is, of course, the one person who made the story. If you want something to happen, if you want your life to be a certain way and if you want to achieve that thing you dream about, then it’s down to you. You alone. You have to make it happen, you have to believe and you have to dream, but most importantly, you have to take action.

The next number, 1958, was the year the first daffodil was planted. What does this tell you? It should demonstrate that nothing happens overnight. You have to work for it, by you giving something or doing something everyday to make your dream come true. It will take time, but if you have the belief that it’s going to happen and the desire to make it come true, then you’ll be unstoppable.

The last number is 50000. This is the number of daffodil bulbs planted to make the golden sea of flowers. Now if I had given you 50000 daffodil bulbs and told you to plant them all and make a beautiful garden, you would have been overwhelmed. It’s too much to do all at once, and you would have probably found it really hard to complete. This should help you understand that to achieve anything, you must take little steps towards it. But by constantly doing a repeated action, working towards a bigger picture, the small incremental additions will result in the overall project completion and the dream coming true. It’s a journey not a destination. Enjoy the progress.

The overall principle is that to achieve requires action. It’s never too late to start, you don’t need a Monday or a new month. You need a dream, people achieve dreams, and to achieve dreams, action is required.

Contact me today if you want to know how to make dreams become a reality. We’ve helped thousands of people achieve what they have desired as we understand what it takes to get your mind in the right place to take action. I look forward to chatting with you.

i2i Team - i2i Founder - Michael Finnigan
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