i2i’s story began back in 1992 when Founder, Michael Finnigan, attended a course to learn about a psychometric assessment and in the process met Art Niemann, a man who would soon become his mentor and inspiration in creating i2i as you know it today.

Art had worked many years with billionaire business man, philanthropist and author W Clement Stone in the USA and during his time with Michael, shared the great wisdom of Mr Stone and his beliefs about human behaviour in relation to success and happiness, mindset and high performance. After just a week together, Art invited Michael to take on a new career path and be an advocate for the teachings of Mr Stone, to help people all over the world become the best versions of themselves.

After years of study, research and content development, our first ever course was created and i2i’s first client came on board in the form of snooker star Jimmy White. Michael was able to transform a most challenging time in Jimmy’s life with the teachings from Mr Stone and other incredible psychologists and after the success of Jimmy’s transformation, i2i were catapulted in to the world of sports, supporting golfers, cricketers, football teams and snooker players to be their very best.

Our customer base has now spread across 27 countries and helped change the lives of thousands of people. Our services and solutions change with the times as new challenges arise in our every day and working lives but one thing is always consistent, and that’s the incredible results we see after working with our customers ands their people.

Tell us a little more about you or your business and let’s see how we can help you make the changes needed to achieve your goals…