The Goal Achievement Programme - Online

The Goal Achievement Programme was developed to offer an all-encompassing transformation process for individuals and teams to equip them to achieve their goals.

In 2018, i2i answered demand for a course accessible by the masses and the blended learning online programme was born.

As engaging, educational and transformational as the face to face programme,
i2i Founder Michael Finnigan takes your teams thorough 15 easy to follow video modules filled with inspiring, thought-provoking content and life lessons that will change your people’s mindset for good.

Whether it’s to increase resilience, confidence, productivity or develop high-performance people across your organisation, the Goal Achievement Programme provides a suite of mindset tools that your people can draw on in all situations, ensuring they’re handling it as the very best version of themselves.

The programmes build a strong base of psychological performance theory that enables effective application of the tools and techniques taught throughout the programmes. All of the techniques apply to the team as well as the individual, so teams can work on specific challenges facing the business.

With a wealth of scientific evidence to back up why what we teach really works, we can guarantee that your people will be blown away when they realise what they’re capable of.
And you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t been taught all this before!

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Let us take it beyond the norm of 'addressing your attitude', because it goes way beyond that if you want to make a real, sustainable shift in your organisation and people.

i2i - Inspiring Success - High Performance Mindset Programme - Understanding Human Behaviour

Understanding Human Behaviour

i2i - Inspiring Success - High Performance Mindset Programme - Neuroscience of Performance

Neuroscience of Performance

i2i - Inspiring Success - High Performance Mindset Programme - Personal and Organisational Change

Personal and Organisational Change

i2i - Inspiring Success - High Performance Mindset Programme - Peak Performance Theory

Peak Performance Theory

i2i - Inspiring Success - High Performance Mindset Programme - Performance Zones and Cultures

Performance Zones and Cultures

i2i - Inspiring Success - High Performance Mindset Programme - Communication and Influence

Communication and Influence

The Goal Achievement Programme - 0nline

Expertly delivered by i2i Founder, Michael Finnigan in easy to follow video modules for groups of 10 people or more.

Let’s take your organisation to the next level by embedding the skills and
strategies within your people so they can unleash their full potential.

Contact us for an appointment to discuss how we can support you or email to
request your free demo access code.

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